The Essentials

The Essentials
Are you running low on all the essentials? Me too! My hands have actually never been so dry because of all the hand washing. And to be honest, my house has NEVER been so clean. I am far from OCD when it comes to cleanliness. I like to keep things tidy but have never gone above and beyond the call of duty! I have however discovered the most amazing gift in all my kids, and that is that they too enjoy a clean home and are at a great age for actually doing chores that I do not feel I need to follow up on! 

I seriously started to give them a check list in the morning. Screw school work! My toilets are sparkling!! I have come to appreciate clean space. Also a relaxed, but super scheduled week. Months prior to today we were constantly on the go. We stopped writing things on the calendar because I would run out of room. And now it's just us. All five of us hanging out in our own environment. I have never saved so much on fuel since the day I moved to the farm. And I also haven't appreciated the space and where we live, as much as I do now.

The kids are enjoying sleeping in. They also are enjoying invading each others personal space. Mine included. I don't think I have had a poop in three weeks without someone interrupting me. In fact, I had no idea how many problems could be solved during that time! 

The world outside of this farm is so unfamiliar. Our tree line separates my family from an abnormal reality. We can seriously attempt to shelter our kids from the world around us. They too however, know more then they need too. April fools was this morning and pranking our seven year old that he would need to get dressed and ready for the bus, created more tears and anxiety then I was ready for. He truly believed that he would get on that bus and catch "The Cancer". So sad when you start to understand their own fears. At least in our tree line they can feel happy, hopeful and safe!

Soon we will need to leave the farm for another grocery run. I am thankful that 90% of what I need can be delivered to my post box from one company. I have several things to be thankful for. This is just one of them! No wonder people stocked up on ridiculous things like toilet paper! I mean who wants to wipe with a sock! 

So to all of you kicking it old school. Stay safe, stay healthy, eat your greens. But most importantly, yell when you need to, cry if you have too, and deal with it later if you want too!

You got this!