Your Self-Guided Tour of Doorways to Toxic Free Living

Often people look for advice on how to ‘swap out’ products for a healthier home or body. What if 3 simple tips would guide you into making the swap personal and super easy! Hidden behind a door is always an opportunity. Open them up and start with the door that speaks the loudest to you. Make sure to read to the end for a fun and safe recipe that is cheap and safe for EVERYONE in your home!
Putting your needs first 
can create a healthy platform for you to thrive from.

When you open door number 1 you are ready to invest change for yourself. This can be done by swapping out the cleaners that fill your cupboards in the kitchen, washroom, and storage rooms. It flows into your cosmetics, shampoo and conditioners. Soon you will make an effortless change in make-up, lotions, detergents and soaps. I mean it should be common sense that what we put ON our bodies should be good enough to go IN our bodies!

Growing families in fur babies or little minis 
can change the way you once thought.
This comes with a new wave of responsibilities and doing what we know best at that exact time. So, trust yourself! When you open door number 2 you are drawn to invest change for your family. It starts with looking for the gentlest products for your babies’ precious skin. It transforms in to helping heal without causing more pain. It comes up when dealing with emotions, energy and conflict. You will question whether you are doing the right thing, but remember you truly are doing the best in that exact time of need! Now imagine having a key to that door that can support you and make life just a little easier in each of those moments!

Becoming the healthiest version of yourself
can be possible.

People everyday struggle with something whether it be small or big. Which means you are not alone. And it also means that what issues create conflict in your daily life are no more and no less important then what others are struggling with. So, keep it personal and do what works best for you. When you can acknowledge this then door number 3 would be a good place to start. By opening this door, you are ready to invest change within yourself. This is a hard one, because it takes commitment and willpower. You also need to know you CAN do this. You are also WORTH it! So, it is time to start to invest in your sleep, in how you supplement your body, digest food, support illness and hormones. We all must start somewhere. So, putting yourself first is a pretty great place to lead from!

Lavender Mint Fabric Softener
The softness and gentle smell will have you wanting to do your laundry! 
500 ml Container (PETE Recyclable) or glass
1 cup distilled water
½ cup white vinegar
2 tbsp Young Living Lavender Mint Conditioner
Use ½ cap full per load and remember to mix well before each use.

Remember what I mentioned about looking for advice on how to ‘swap out’ products for a healthier home or body? 

Then I also must mention how important it is to know that not all essential oils and products are created equal—you cannot just go out to a retailer and trust that you are getting the good stuff. 

Lucky for you, I have a remarkable source that I personally trust no matter which door spoke the loudest to you. Are you interested in stepping inside that door? Just click the button so you can open your door.

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